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CNDM. Universo Barroco. Jordi Savall

CNDM. Universo Barroco. Jordi Savall

Jordi Savall, viola da gamba


La viola polifónica


Tobias Hume (ca.1569-1645)
Musicall Humors (Londres, 1605)
A Souldiers March
Captaine Hume’s Pavin
A Souldiers Galliard
My Hope is decayed
Loves Farewell
Whoope doe me no harme (Anónimo)
Harke, harke
Death (Pavin)- Life (Jig)
A Souldiers Resolution
A Pavin
The Duke of Holstone’s Almaine
Beecus an Hungarian Lord his delight
What if a day (Anónimo)
Good againe

Lessons for the Lyra-viol
Alfonso Ferrabosco (ca. 1575-1628)
Thomas Ford (1580-1648)
Why not here
John Playford (1623-1686)
La Cloche

The Lancashire Pipes
Del Manchester Gamba Book (Anónimo, 1630)
A Pointe or Preludium
The Lancashire Pipes
Pigges of Rumsey
Kate of Bardie
The Cup of Tea (Tradicional irlandés)
A Toye



Sala de Cámara


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